ARCHITECT Charles Xenakis, Paul Michael Goettlinger (associate architect), Iason Paterakis (associate architect), George Lykos (associate architect)

LOCATION No. 216 Ponders High St. [Enfield], London, EN3 4EZ

TYPE Commercial › Retail ›
Residential › Apartment Multi Unit Housing Private House 

STATUS Applied for permission

YEAR 2015

The application proposal, promotes a carefully considered scheme for the [re] development of a vacant town centre site – that directly responds to the prevalent existing urban situation.  
The subject application is over previously developed land, and is ideally suited for mix-use [re] development, being close to established and regular transport links and all other town centre amenities.  
The proposal is also mindful of the pertinent and well-judged aspirations of the recently consented strategic masterplan [Jan 2013] for the locality…the application site forming the peripheral north-east corner of the full scope of the masterplan.  
As outlined in the preferred masterplan framework, the application site has been architecturally resolved to provide for a mix-use urban block that affords a variety of commercial uses and residential types, with associated car/cycle parking and generously landscaped communal spaces at ground and roof levels.  
The application form is at a suitable density, scale, height and massing that relates to the local urban characteristics of the High St location.  
In fact, the application proposition is a modest correction to the wider streetscape that has been compromised by the vacant application plot for over 8 years.  
Clearly, the present application provides an interesting architectural dialogue between the present and future building forms proposed for the vicinity – which boasts a particularly eclectic range of types, uses and scale of building forms.  




agioi apostoloi residences, chania, greece


ARCHITECT Iason Paterakis 

CIVIL ENGINEER Kalliope Stefanaki

MECHANICAL ENGINEER Giannis Giannitsaris

LOCATION Agioi Apostoloi, Chania, Greece

TYPE Residential › Private House

STATUS under construction

YEAR 2016


The project is about two semi detached residences, for holiday use. The main purpose was the absolute independence and isolation , and the optimal orientation for the summer months . The angular and limited study area was a problem to be solved and that is why the "gamma type" and the "TUBE" typology were chosen . The wet areas were placed according to the sun position during the day , being partially housed, thus providing a sense of security. Simultaneously, the liquid element tangent points with the public areas of each house and exalted, creating different spatial qualities between the exterior space .

The ground floors which host the public areas are characterized by absolute transparency , using large laminated hinged glass surfaces with high energy efficiency. The first floors host the private spaces. Emphasis was given to the feeling of freedom and openness of the space and therefore sizable glazed panels dominate the faces of the top levels too, changing morphology according to the indoor use. 

The aim is to redefine the holiday residence in the Mediterranean landscape, introducing modern methods of construction, that give a sense of intimacy of the ephemeral user with the new environment. The most characteristic spot is the east side of the suspended cantilever which is the only element to emerge from the main street, highlighting the contemporary construction with exposed metal components of the bearing structure and the glass floor above the pool. A rather radical modernist building to address the phenomenon of the unsustainable built environment in Greece.  




ARCHITECT Iason Paterakis 

CIVIL ENGINEER Kleoniki Kleidara

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY  ERGON A.E., Fantakis Georgos+ Partners

LOCATION Glaros/ Kalamaki, Chania, Greece

TYPE Residential › Private House

STATUS design process

YEAR 2017


Located at the top of the hill of Glaros, facing north towards the Cretan sea, this project is based on a plain 8x8m. cube and aims to create a sustainable space for it's inhabitants. Being basically a glass house, Project Cube encapsulates the main idea of the white volume, which makes the whole habitat a puristic piece of architecture, standing out from the proposed landscape and the general surrounding area. The pool in front of the living area merges with the sea views from the ground floor, whereas the double height space gives a sense of decompression inside the compact habitat. 


6a GRANGE ROAD residence, London, UK



ARCHITECT Charles Xenakis, Iason Paterakis (associate architect)

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS Create Consulting Engineers Ltd

LOCATION 6A Grange Road, London N6 4AD

TYPE Residential › Private House 

STATUS Applied for permission

YEAR 2016


Located in a private residential area in the northern part of London, the house aims to achieve simultaneously openness and privacy. Adjacent properties address to a different kind of London architecture, so the contemporary style of the scheme has to comply with their materiality and proportions. A pure modernist example.